Help Not Divided™ in DC or at HOME

Let's DO This! 

HELP NEEDED - Not Listed in Order of Importance!

Please Review and Consider HELPING this Worthy Effort

1. NEED HELP - Several able-bodied men and women to help carry and to assemble the light-weight PVC pipes (for structure) at approximately 8:30 a.m. and help set up our equipment then at the end, (9:30 p.m.) tear it down and pack. If not available all day, Contact Us to tell us your availability, i.e. "set up" or "break down". (GIVE Financial Help) (Or Register to Help).

2. NEED HELP - ONE to TWO People to run SOUND System for the event - ALL DAY, October 10, 2020, (or different persons committed to certain times of the day) Sound Engineers will make sure sound is balance for the best output. If not available all day, Contact Us to tell us your available hours.(GIVE Financial Help) (Or Register to Help).

3. NEEDED - FIRST RESPONDERS and/or any level above, EMT, Paramedic, Nurse, Doctor, Medical Certification; (GIVE Financial Help) (Or Register to Help). Contact Us if you have Questions.

4. NEEDED - "MARSHALS/CROWD Control" personal. For example, we should have at least 10 per each thousand people. We'll need them all day or in shifts. 

  • To do this job the Marshal needs to be ready to be assertive in a nice but firm manner toward anyone hinting at or threatening disruption. But some 'aggravating' persons might require the marshal to go to or call for DC Security. We do not anticipate such behavior with this event but one must be prepared nonetheless. We will train. It's basically simple.  (GIVE Financial Help) (Or Register to Help). Contact Us if you have Questions.


5. NEED HELP - ONE to TWO people skilled with SOCIAL MEDIA to be our social media geek all during the day and who would be available to be in Washington DC with us on October 10, 2020; (GIVE Financial Help) (Or Register to Help). Contact Us if you have Questions.

6. FUNDING for JUMBOTRONS, (Video Screen Sections). This will help us get our message across even better with the creative ways we have planned. (GIVE Financial Help)

7. NEED HELP - at least TWO People to VIDEO the event - ALL DAY, October 10, 2020, (or different persons committed to certain times of the day) Camera persons move around for band and guests shots and for Lincoln Memorial and crowd coverage. There will be ONE stationary camera. (GIVE Financial Help) (Or Register to Help). Contact Us if you have Questions.

8. FUNDING for LIVE STREAMING for the full day, October 10, 2020. We wish to stream across America. (GIVE Financial Help) (Or Register to Help).

9. NEED HELP with VIDEO and EDIT production of this song:

             "If My People - 2 Chronicles 7:14". It carries a vital message to America. 

(GIVE Financial Help) (Or Register to Help).

10. NEEDED - Churches to SPONSOR (or someone in the church wants to provide small bottled water) - we'll need possibly 1000-2000 small bottles of water. (Permit Office Requirement) This can also be FUNDED if preferred, and might be easier than getting water bottles to us. (GIVE Financial Help) (Or Contact Us about supplying water).

11. FUNDING for a GENERATOR - about $1200 to power this. (We might need 2 generators) (GIVE Financial Help) (Or Contact Us about supplying QUIET Generators). 

12. FUNDING for TWO 15" Powered PA Sound System Speakers that are compatible with our two, (about $850 a set). (GIVE Financial Help) (Or Contact Us about PROVIDING 15" Powered PA Speakers).

13. FUNDING for PORTABLE RESTROOMS (Rented for approximately $100 each) (GIVE Financial Help)

14. NEEDED - MISC HELPERS in preparation of the DC event.  Some people would love to help but need financial assistance to come to DC. If you can SPONSOR someone or HELP SPONSOR, everyone would be of gratitude to you and God. (GIVE Financial Help) (Or Register to Help).

15. NEED SINGERS - Solo and Backup (Choir would be great!) Some people would love to help but need financial assistance to come to DC. If you can SPONSOR someone or HELP SPONSOR, everyone would be of gratitude to you and God. (GIVE Financial Help) (Or Register to Help).

16. NEEDED - Cargo Van to haul our Structure SET UP materials and Music Equipment from North Carolina to Washington DC. We welcome the use of someone's larger van, or cargo van or we need to raise almost $600 to rent one. This is the cheapest rate we've found. (GIVE Financial Help) (Or Contact Us about supplying a VAN for us to use 3-5 days).   

17. FUNDING for KEY NOTE Speakers and persons who need to come a distance to deliver PUBLIC PRAYERS over our Nation. (GIVE Financial Help)

18. FUNDING for MISC COSTS - We have STEPPED out in faith. If you would like to help us recover some out-of-pocket costs and even get the budget started for doing this again NEXT YEAR, we believe this is God's Work and He will BLESS you for helping. (GIVE Financial Help) We THANK YOU in advance! 

  • ALSO - If you have a BUSINESS and would like to GIVE a percentage of some of your SALES to help FUND Not Divided™, Contact Us and LET US KNOW so we can POST your Business and Name on our ONLINE SPONSOR Page. We are so NEW - Maybe YOU can be the FIRST! 
  • There are many expenses to do a large event. If you can SPONSOR a person or a need we will be grateful and you will be blessed. Please visit our FINANCIAL NEEDS page for details. 

19. NEEDED, WORKERS to pass out information and contact Flyers/Forms, etc.. (GIVE Financial Help) (Or Register to Help).

20. NEEDED, STAFF/WORKERS to PRAY with people, (This would be for if someone request prayer). (GIVE Financial Help) (Or Register to Help).

 21. MISC HELPERS NEEDED in preparation of the DC event. 

  • HELP NEEDED to make phone calls to churches and individuals to give and take INFORMATION from those wanting to help in some way with the Not Divided™ Event and supply that information back to us the organizers for any necessary follow up. 
  • HELP NEEDED to make phone calls to churches and to individuals to share about the Not Divided™ Event and assist with answers for them to be able to HELP us or ATTEND. (GIVE Financial Help) (Or Register to Help). 


22.  If you have a gift, talent, skill - anything that you believe is your calling to bless others with - that we have NOT LISTED, we'd like to hear from you! Contact Us to talk about yourself and share something you can offer that we might have overlooked. But before you do this - save us all some time by looking over this website to be sure you understand our PURPOSE and AIM. Be sure to visit this HELP NEEDED page & our FINANCIAL NEEDS page.  

Seeking People In Our Local Area to be Leaders and Innovators with Us!

We are looking to build a core group of people in the Concord, (NC) and surrounding area, who are seeking out a worthwhile effort in which to work and grow together. If you have faith, ambition and extra time to share with us, we'd LOVE to hear from you! 

NOTE: Not Divided™ is young and all positions are volunteer, even for the people whose vision birth it; but in growing we are believing the Lord for all financial provision to offer paid positions. Those already working with us who possess the needed skills will be our first considerations for the paid positions. 

Purpose & Mission



We will perform songs, both original and known songs which carry a positive message. We will sing PRAYER songs as well. We will share information vital to promoting bringing Americans together in unity, special Prayer - led by key persons and a time of Worship. The worship will include flaggers, dance-worship, Shofar Blowing - all as a gesture to "thank" God in advance for hearing and answering our prayers across the nation.


We will use this platform to remind Christians that we are to help bring Healing to America in Creative and Loving ways. This is a Christian/Patriotic Event.


Every way a person can contribute to this purpose to give it LIFE and VITALITY - is NEEDED and WELCOMED. We'd love as many people with us as possible as we are reaching out across the nation to build this vital work for such a time as this. The DC Permit Office has granted us the go-ahead and encouragement to repeat the NOT DIVIDED™ event each year. We are with expectation that this work will continue to grow until God's Purpose is Performed!


Jesus prayed, John 17, that NONE would be lost and that we would become ONE as He and the Father are ONE. 

List for Local Workers Coming Soon!

We have the list, just need to post...

Did You Read Our Story Below?

Birthing NEW Beginnings!


The CALL started to stir in February of 2014. Four years would pass before Steve and Ellen Thweatt would began connecting the puzzle pieces to get some picture of what had been transpiring in the spirit realm concerning 'Not Divided ' a name not yet given that February eve on the streets of Jerusalem Israel. The sudden strong urge to have a Shofar of her very own was somewhat of a mystery; the desire was beyond her logic. Yet to return home without one was unthinkable - that is how Ellen felt! It made no sense.

      "When Steve told me "No" to buying a Shofar that night... neither of us had a clue what the Lord was up to! We were unsuspecting that the Lord was setting us up for nationwide-worldwide Ministry, to become a "movement" that was far beyond our comfort zone and largely an area of inexperience to us. After literally thirty-minutes of begging and pleading with our friends to talk him into letting me buy... he reluctantly said "Yes". When I tell you it was completely out of Steve's character to say "No" and completely out of my personality to want a horn... I tell you the facts!"

Ellen came home with her Shofar and they went about their daily lives, keeping routines but seeking God, sensing there was something BIG on the way. 

In February of 2018 Not Divided™ manifest as more of a REAL CALL from God when Steve told Ellen to go to Washington DC to turn in the Permit Application she had completed for their music group, To The Call. It seemed that 'out of the blue' came an idea to perform a live concert in the nation's capital. Ellen had had all her life a persistent sensing that there was more to her purpose, and now with Steve, she sensed it more than ever - this was no exception - the event in DC was not to be just a concert... as always true with God - it's never just a show!


In February of 2018, Ellen drove to Washington DC, accompanied by a dear friend. Feeling unqualified and shy about what she was embarking upon, she went anyway. Contrary to suggestions that the mission would fail, and well-meaning comments that it is difficult to get a DC Permit - she took the chance. It paid off! Ellen was met with HUGE favor from everyone she encountered at the Permit Office and was granted a PERMIT on February 21st, the day of Billy Graham's heavenly home-going! ... One more minor detail marks the Fingerprint of God... a computer system generates the permit number, no person controls that; to her surprise, the computer assigned her BIRTH DATE as the permit number! In questioning this with those working with her at the Permit Office, Ellen learned it was indeed an imprint of God as they too were awed and explained that was not their doing. 

Another marvel is that the date for the very 1st DC gathering, which was impressed to Ellen, 9/11, is the Jewish New Year for 2018, (9-11) - it is also Steve's birthday. Yet the only reason she embraced this date for 'Not Divided ' is because there was a burning deep in her soul when she saw the date online at a website she stumbled across - and at seeing, she felt like the FIRE of the Holy Spirit burned within her whole body! ... But a date so recognized as this one, could be crowded with DC events leaving no available locations for their concert - or whatever event it was to become. 

However, some personal also seemed slightly puzzled that not only was the date open but also the 'Lincoln Memorial ' area was available. It was then their suggestion to offer that location, stating they believed it was the perfect Memorial for this event! Ellen accepted, marveling God!

That was their first year meeting at the Lincoln Memorial in DC. This year, 2019 was the 2nd annual meeting - October 10, 2020; it was the 40th Saturday of the year! Now, Not Divided™ USA will meet again, October 10, 2020 for the 3rd prayer and music Event!

Your help is needed to make this ALL God wants it be. NOT DIVIDED™ THANKS YOU for prayerfully considering to work with them.