Not Divided™ THANKS the Ministries graciously partnering with us for the 3rd Annual DC Gathering!

Meet Ministry Friends working with the Not Divided™ Event

Orlinda Maforo, Lead Prayer Warrior!

Orlinda Maforo is truly a servant of our Lord Jesus and Savior, always ready to serve the body of Christ in whatever capacity He shows her. She came to us with such a heart. She understands the power of prayer and fasting and has made these priority for a number of years praying for our nation and the body of Christ.  We met for the first time at our first annual Not Divided™ event in 2018. She showed impeccable character and a gentle, pure support for us as we learned our way through our first experience with the event. 

When it was time for Orlinda to pray, she delivered a prayer that reached the throne of God! The power of God was upon her. See that earth-moving prayer on our homepage or the video page.

We knew we wanted her to join with us more so we invited her to be our lead prayer warrior for the weekly phone conference prayer calls which we have every Saturday at 9:30 a.m. EST. We are praising God that she accepted! God has been present with us in a mighty way each call - He is making His presence known to us and it's difficult to hang up the phone when we're finished praying! For 2019, we counted down forty weeks and forty prayer calls with October 5, 2019 being the 40th... a significant number in the Bible. Now we are preparing for our 3rd prayer and music Event to happen October 10, 2020 again at the Lincoln Memorial in DC. Please consider joining us each Saturday morning in our 1-51 prayers leading up to prayer at the Memorial.   

Orlinda comes to us originally from her mother country,  Zimbabwe, Africa. She first met her husband who is American, while he was there. Orlinda later came to America and earned her citizenship eleven years ago from this date, 2019. She has been married to her beloved husband since 2000. They are blessed with five beautiful children. 

Orlinda is a Scientist by profession and is actively employed in this field.

She leads Bethel Fellowship USA, an interdenominational Christian ministry based in Baltimore, MD. Bethel Fellowship meets for Bible Study every Tuesday evening, hosts quarterly conferences every year as well as various international outreaches. She surrendered her life to Jesus Christ and is privileged to be chosen by Him to serve in His Kingdom.

We stood in faith, believing with Orlinda there at the Lincoln Memorial 2018 as she prayed over America and its Leaders. We were blessed to experience the same measure of anointing as Orlinda delivered prayer again this October 5th, 2019. We invite YOU to come STAND with us in 2020 at the Memorial and release your faith with us while she prays over our nation for the Spirit of God to arise and sweep over this great land with Healing and a mighty move of His Spirit. As before, she will deliver a prayer led of God's Spirit.


The Kings Inheritance, International

Kandi Strock Moesel is experienced at blowing Shofar whenever the Holy Spirit inspires her. She has been invited to blow Shofar for both, very large and smaller meetings and for events at a number of varying venues to honor God.

She also trains others Shofar techniques and the art of blowing while emphasizing the importance of being sensitive to the Lord. She brings, not a different perspective to those who understand obedience in doing this but different for those who do not understand. 

Kandi brings a great skill to blowing this natural horn also as a musician and is able to blow two Shofars at the same time. Even with a single Shofar she brings forth unique sounds which she believes to be sounds enabled to her by the Spirit - which might even represent different voices of God. (John 4:1 )

In ancient times, our Bible Ancestors, the Christian Patriarchs were commanded to blow the 'Trumpet' for different reasons of which God taught them. Their obedience was always powerful. Today, we blow a Shofar for the same reasons and because of the finished work of Jesus Christ, we also add to this the Jubilant sounds of a Shofar and Intercessory Prayer sounds.

No one fully comprehends all the reasons God honors these sounds so we take it by faith with an understanding that God Blesses this OLD and NEWER tradition. 

"After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me...

Revelation 4:1

"Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins." Isaiah 58:1 


Charles and Renee Johnson

Charles Johnson is MENTOR to Steve and Ellen Thweatt and their Ordination Pastor. 

He and his wife Renee pastor a lovely thriving church they founded nestled in a beautiful location at Colorado Springs, Colorado.  

While in Memphis TN, they felt a stirring in their spirits to take up stakes and leave family, friends and all they had known there to relocate at a place not yet revealed to them. Charles was co-pastor with his dad at the church his parents founded. 

After seeking further clarity through prayer and fasting, they agreed that Renee would set out in FAITH and with encouragement and blessings from Charles, she flew out in search of God's place for them. Colorado Springs, Colorado was her second destination. Once there, she walked into Focus on the Family, founded by James Dobson and was immediately granted an interview. They asked her where she had been, and followed with, "We've been waiting for you". She was hired without delay and in a short time she was placed over hundreds of workers. Since then, the two of them and their children have made the Rocky Mountains home while building "Heart of Worship" Church ministry and serving the Lord in every capacity they envisioned.

Appropriately named, Charles has a deep heart of worship and dedication to the Lord and to people! There has been many miracles and blessings because of his and Renee's heart of servitude and their church has grown into a haven for the Holy Spirit's impartation.     

Growing up under his parents ministry placed Charles in the presence of many VIP's, both political and well known ministry figures. He has since met and worked with a number of high profile people on his own. One would not know due to his humble attitude. 

He has many gifts and callings from the Lord. Among these are, Evangelist, Missionary, Israel Advocate & Friend; he frequently sponsors tour groups to Israel. Some of his gifts include, Singer, Pianist, Song Writer, Anointed Minster in songs of Praise and Adoration to Jesus our Savior! 

Ellen has known Charles since he was fifteen. His parents were her pastors first. After losing contact for twenty years and moving away to another state, Ellen felt impressed to make a call to her previous church, she was expecting someone else when Charles answered the phone. From that point they reacquainted and she met Renee and Charles met Steve. 


Joshua Johnson

3rd Generation Drummer, Singer, Songwriter


Joshua Johnson; Drummer, Singer, Songwriter

Joshua  Johnson... Is the worship pastor at Heart of Worship Ministries in Colorado Springs, CO. He has been in that role for 5 years, helping both  to build the church and the music program. He is a third generation  singer/songwriter and he truly loves to worship the Lord.

He  is the real deal. He receives inspiration from the Lord composing beautiful songs. He will sing and worship with us. Joshua will also play drums. 

We are excited to have Josh join our Not Divided™ USA Team! 


Anne Bellagrace

Anne is an author and a painter. Her ministry, My Name is Grace, focuses on unity through love and truth in our nation, in the body of  Christ, and between individuals serving to fulfill the The Great  Commission to the glory of God.


Not Divided™ USA is delighted that Anne has joined with us to serve, love and minister in the capacity the Lord has called her to for the Healing of America!

Anne is a beautiful woman who loves God and others. She is obviously used by the Holy Spirit in one big way to bring people together who have 'like' minds, hearts and visions! 


Niquio Benjo Valcobero

Recording Artist, Worship Leader, Speaker, and Music Director 


Niquio Benjo Valcobero grew up in church, having a mom as a worship director he would listen to every harmony and musical notes while the church choir and praise and worship team would rehearse; thus developing a passion and a heart for music. At an early age of 15 years old, he was sign to a production deal in Hawaii, would then later sign to a Major Label Recording Company as a recording artist.


Niquio Benjo Valcobero moved from Honolulu, Hawaii to Los Angeles, CA in 2004 to pursue his recording career. Getting offers from many different Recording Companies but ended up choosing Interscope Records. While learning about the music industry and entertainment, he realized that a lot of people in it were broken and needed Jesus in their heart. He then developed his craft in prophetic worship and declaration, learning about Sozo, inner healing, and deliverance. He realized that a lot of people in entertainment have an orphaned spirit and don’t know their identity. He then realized how impactful and transformative music can be to the lives of people around him and can be used for the Kingdom of God. To bring revival, restoration, and instill identity back to God’s people. 

He also has a Music Business Degree from Musicians Institute of Hollywood—considered the Julliard of West Coast. Worked for Universal Music and Video Distribution and also helped the Artist and Repertoire department to develop new recording artist and help with their songwriting development. 

In 2014 he graduated from School of Supernatural Ministry, became the head of worship department SOM at Expression 58, a ministry started by Shawn Bolz and the sister church of Bethel Church in Redding, CA under the supervision of Senior Pastor Bill Johnson. He was a part of the Expression 58 Live Worship Album, an album featured by all the worship leaders in the church being produced by Bethel Music. In addition, he is also involved with Pasadena International House of Prayer of PIHOP, under Cheryl Allen and Lou Engle as worship leader for many different prophetic sets and intercession prayers, learning the art of Harp and Bowl worship. 


Niquio has also lead worship for the following Generals of The Kingdom: Pastor Benny Hinn of Benny Hinn Ministries, Dr. Michelle Corral of Breath of The Spirit, Dr. Cindy Trimm of Trimm International, Che Ahn of HRock Church, House of Destiny—The Kim Clement Center, Shawn Bolz of Expression 58, Rabbi Jason Sobel of Fusion Global, John Ramirez of SDA Deliverance, Trinity Broadcasting Network, The Way/The Cross TV, OCN, PIHOP, The Word Network, and many more... As of today, he is currently teaching Prophetic Worship all over the world  and can be seen in many events around the country leading worship. His debut album is currently out and can be found on I-tunes, Google Play, CD Baby, and Amazon.


Francine Peron, Dunkerque France

I am Francine from Dunkerque FranceMercy and love to the hurting and wounded... that is my gift and calling. My artwork is a flow of the dramatic, romantic and compassionate, moving to speak into the heart of the viewers evoking deep feelings as the Spirit of God moves me to paint by pure inspiration!

Not  Divided™ USA is delighted that Francine has joined with us to serve, love and minister in the capacity the Lord has called her to for the Healing of America! 

She is a beautiful woman who loves God and others. Francine prays powerfully releasing passion and love into the atmosphere and into all who will receive the blessing of her prayers!

Not by our might nor power, but by His Spirit

2019 is Focused on the THREE Entities of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Father Represents "Supreme Sovereignty". Son Represents "Sacrificial and Unparalleled Love & Grace, Forgiveness". Holy Spirit Represents, "Helper, Power to Become Witnesses of TRUTH & a Flow of The Miraculous Acts of Jesus".  

2019 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ABOVE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2019


Marcia Thompson Eldreth

Marcia, inspired of the Holy Spirit has created the TRUE U.S. Christian Flag!

Most Americans do not know that the Christian Flag we are familiar with is an International Flag. Marcia has created a United States Christian Flag. She will be sharing it at the Not Divided Event and honoring us with her presence in doing so! We feel privileged to be a small part of spreading the word to America that they now have their very own U.S.A. Christian Flag as God has revealed a design to her from His heart and bearing the word of His Spirit and Life.   

Marcia was featured on Pat Roberson's 700 Club where she shared with his audience and received an enormously welcoming response. 

If you are interested in purchasing one or more of these beautiful flags from Marcia, or to learn more, visit her website at


Perhaps you are a ministry who would like also to partner with us. We invite you to reach out - we'd love to talk with you. Meanwhile, keep us in your prayers and look over our website. We pray that you will consider attending the THIRD annual NOT DIVIDED™ Event,

October 10, 2020, all day. 

(202) 770-0009 

(Call or Text)

If you wish to GIVE, we have a number of financial needs to help make the event what we believe the Lord is inspiring it to be for greater effectiveness and farther outreach.

Thank you for everything, in advance!