How Not Divided™ Began

It Started in Jerusalem Israel...

However, we had no clue that the Lord was 'up' to something! We were just there absorbing the wonders of experiencing the Holy Bible come ALIVE. It would be FOUR years before we'd understand what was happening in the spirit and with our lives that day in Jerusalem. 

Pictured in the photo you see the young Jewish man holding a Shofar that he unknowingly prepared just for me! What you do not see is the spiritual warfare that was stirring to try to prevent me from bringing it home. 

As Steve and I approached the Shofar Shop that evening, suddenly I wanted a Shofar so bad that I couldn't bear the thought of returning home without one and I had no idea why I felt that way! 

I have never blown a horn and never desired to - but something was calling me to purchase a Shofar. I knew the Spirit was prodding... many times I had experienced a similar nudging from the Lord. However, Steve did not know what I was sensing and in spite of the pink sign you see attached to the clerks counter... Steve said, "No." 

This was also a puzzle... he wasn't one to tell me what I could purchase. We did not have that kind of relationship. He is quiet and easy-going and does not tell me what to do. Always, if I wanted, he'd just let me buy. ... It was different on this night.  

What On Earth Was Going On?

Israel is a fascinating country and it is the only place on earth that God says is His land! Therefore it is no mystery that fascinating things happen there. I had not planed at all to be baptized before going. But again, a strong and unusual desire came over me the day we visited the Jordan River. It was meant for me to be symbolically buried where our Savior was baptized. My experience under the water was supernatural. That was obvious to onlookers when I came out of the water and to me while under. 

One man with our group whom I had not met prior to the visit gave me a DVD of my baptism - he said the Lord told him to purchase it and give to me. After returning home and viewing it, I could not believe my eyes! I was certain that the pastor had held me under water for a lengthy 20-30 seconds. The video revealed barely a second! I then realized that I had entered God's timeless realm while under because it felt like time stopped there. Something else happened also... I felt a sensation like fluttering 'wings' wrap around my head and I heard a 'click' as if a lock had been placed and clamped. I never knew what it meant but I have suspected that God sealed certain of His plans in my mind to be only unlocked in His appointed time. 

I believe the unfolding of Not Divided is that appointed time!  I feel as if I was born for this Holy Spirit work! It will surely require a mighty move of God to stir in the hearts of His people for them to finally decide that they will no longer allow division among His Body and will allow WHO HE IS, the God of LOVE to bring us together in harmony and UNITY - NOT DIVIDED™. That is where we will make the greatest impact on earth for HIS NAMES' SAKE and it is when we will STOP the devil in his tracks from so easily destroying PEOPLE and NATIONS. 


The CALL started to stir in February of 2014. Four years would pass before Steve and Ellen Thweatt would began connecting the puzzle pieces to get some picture of what had been transpiring in the spirit realm concerning Not Divided™  a name not yet given that February eve on the streets of Jerusalem Israel. The sudden strong urge to have a Shofar of her very own was somewhat of a mystery; the desire was beyond her logic. Yet to return home without one was unthinkable - that is how Ellen felt! It made no sense.

      "When Steve told me "No" to buying a Shofar that night... neither of us had a clue what the Lord was up to! We were unsuspecting that the Lord was setting us up for nationwide-worldwide Ministry, to become a "movement" that was far beyond our comfort zone and largely an area of inexperience to us. After literally thirty-minutes of begging and pleading with our friends to talk him into letting me buy... he reluctantly said "Yes". When I tell you it was completely out of Steve's character to say "No" and completely out of my personality to want a horn... I tell you the facts!"

Ellen came home with her Shofar and they went about their daily lives, keeping routines but seeking God, sensing there was something BIG on the way. 

In February of 2018 Not Divided™ manifest as more of a REAL CALL from God when Steve told Ellen to go to Washington DC to turn in the Permit Application she had completed for their music group, To The Call. It seemed that 'out of the blue' came an idea to perform a live concert in the nation's capital. Ellen had had all her life a persistent sensing that there was more to her purpose, and now with Steve, she sensed it more than ever - this was no exception - the event in DC was not to be just a concert... as always true with God - it's never just a show!


In February of 2018, Ellen drove to Washington DC, accompanied by a dear friend. Feeling unqualified and shy about what she was embarking upon, she went anyway. Contrary to suggestions that the mission would fail, and well-meaning comments that it is difficult to get a DC Permit - she took the chance. It paid off! Ellen was met with HUGE favor from everyone she encountered at the Permit Office and was granted a PERMIT on February 21st, the day of Billy Graham's heavenly home-going! ... One more minor detail marks the Fingerprint of God... a computer system generates the permit number, no person controls that; to her surprise, the computer assigned her BIRTH DATE as the permit number! In questioning this with those working with her at the Permit Office, Ellen learned it was indeed an imprint of God as they too were awed and explained that was not their doing. 

Now they are past their very FIRST Not Divided™ event which took place on a very interesting, God-Chosen date. To her marvel as Ellen was bringing the plan together, the date impressed to her, 9/11, was the Jewish New Year for 2018, (9-11) - it is also Steve's birthday. Yet the only reason she embraced this date for their assembly in DC is because there was a burning deep in her soul when she saw the date online at a website she stumbled across - and at seeing, she felt like the FIRE of the Holy Spirit burned within her whole body! ... But a date so recognized as this one, she found herself thinking, could be crowded with DC events leaving no available locations for their concert - or whatever event it was to become. 

However, that day at the DC Permit Office, while applying, as the personal checked out the date to see if any location was open for Not Divided™ to have a place to carry out their event, they came back to her slightly puzzled that not only was the date open but also the 'Lincoln Memorial ' area was available. It was then they told her that THEY felt  that location was the perfect Memorial for this event! Full of gratitude and joy, Ellen accepted, marveling God - it was the very location she had wanted but had forgotten to list it on her application! "Just initial, we'll sign and it's yours ALL DAY", they instructed with a smile, observing her excitement. God had proven His guidance and had shown His Faithfulness!

The Rest of the Story is On the Way - Please Return!

The Not Divided™ Story began in our childhood...