Not Divided™ USA Commercial for DC

Watch and SHARE.  What does this video have to do with American's being Not Divided? If we come together and PRAY for America, for our Leaders and each other... we will surly see how it brings UNITY! When we care, it shows. Then healing comes.

Steve Thweatt at Piano - Because he lives (Live)

Lincoln Memorial Prayer, 2018


Powerful Prayer for America & Leaders, 2018 Lincoln Memorial


Let's bring hundred's more Shofar Blowers to Washington DC who understand the Authority of God in this.

Ellen Blows the Shofar

I do not claim to be a great Shofar blower. I blow it only because I want to release "The WIND of the LORD".

Not Divided™ USA Supports All Life

We Invite you to view the two CBR videos below. 

Overview of CBR

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Julie's Story, (below) Is a Result of CBR

Julie's Story

 Watch how CBR's Genocide Awareness Project changed the mind of a female student at the University of North Florida. AMAZING!