"Not by Might nor by Power but by My Spirit..." says the Lord most High. ~ Zech. 4:6

Imagine... America 
NOT DIVIDED™. Believe it. NOT DIVIDED CONCERT. Imagine, Believe

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On October 10, 2020 in Washington DC, USA

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Unity is coming... One Nation, under God indivisible - Not Divided™ USA

Join the Not Divided™ Resurrection!

A Revolutionary MOVEMENT of UNITY among people who LOVE America and LOVE God. 

Come PRAY with us and "FALL in LOVE" on October 10, 2020 in Washington DC, USA

Oh Beautiful... America, God Gave You His Grace... Share the Light. 

Powerful Prayer for America

At the Lincoln Memorial, 2018, Orlinda prayed with a POWERFUL compassion for a hurting nation and the people. She knows the beautiful balance of praying with AUTHORITY while decreeing TRUTH and HOPE. 

No weapon formed against the people who do know the Living God, shall prosper! His name is Jesus. 

PRAYER is Key; Submission to our God of LOVE is Key.


HAPPENING 2020 - Heal America, "Not Divided" in DC

Meet Us at the Lincoln Memorial Reflection Pool Steps

This will be our THIRD YEAR to remind citizens that AMERICA has a calling to a purpose ordained and blessed of God - as LIGHT to the world and SALT to the earth. 

The date for 2020 is October 10, 2020 all day, Saturday. We will again be at the Lincoln Memorial Refection Pool Steps

Our first annual gathering at the Lincoln Memorial, 2018 taught us a lot and alerted us to just how easily people become divided when expectations are disappointed. It also showed us our own short-comings as inexperienced leaders in something to the magnitude of attempting to fulfill the purpose of Not Divided™. Last year... we were not qualified. This year, we are. It is as the saying goes: "God doesn't call the qualified - He qualifies the 'called'." It is true! We answered His gentle call to step out in child-like faith and follow the leading of His Holy Spirit. Starting a new work to encourage people across our nation to take a firm stand and to DECREE that we are Not Divided. This is a work which cannot succeed without His Spirit! 

We always knew we needed YOU to join with us - this isn't about a concept but about a "once THRIVING people who understood that BLESSINGS upon a person and a Nation, come from God. PEACE, FREEDOM and PROSPERITY was also a way of life given to us by God, now threatened, and why? Perhaps we have in large forsaken God? Remember the Bible says that our lips can honor God, yet our heart be far from Him. (Matthew 15:8-9

Those who are willing to decree that "We are NOT Divided" likely have a resolute heart after God and it is in that attitude He is able to do His Greatest work through someone! 

We need your FAITH and God needs your faith! Remember what Jesus said, 

    "When the son of man comes, will he find FAITH?" (Luke 18:8)

It is not enough to keep silent even though you agree. When we come together and demonstrate our stand of faith, we can influence many others. Then like a small FLAME, each act of faith spreads until others began to decree also that "We are NOT Divided".

When we SAY what God says, and in this case, it is what Jesus PRAYED, His word will not return void but will accomplish what He has spoken. (Isaiah 55:11)

DECREEING is not enough. When we stand together, each person must have understanding about WHY we are gathering and know WHAT is at stake if we fail to UNITE our FAITH in the WILL of God. 

Not Divided™ is leading others in this very ambitious work and it is their purpose also to educate people about HOW we can actually become Not Divided. Isn't this something that every God-loving believer should want to have knowledge about? Once learned, understood and acted upon, each person should find others and to invite them to join with us. It is how we will start turning confusion back to where it came from! This is an effort that requires us to be wholeheartedly engaged so that we can successfully touch the hearts of many other people until the day we can rejoice in the result that Americans are truly Not Divided.   

As before, "Not Divided™ is a planned gathering on the Washington DC mall at the Lincoln Memorial Reflection Pool Steps happening October 10, 2020 all day. Again, the purpose is to SOUND OUR VOICES across America calling for UNITY and Pure LOVE to be the ACTION of everyone who desires to be a person through whom HEALING and RESTORATION flow. We believe that when we purposefully DO and inspire kind, selfless and compassionate deeds showing grace without partiality, IN ADDITION TO OUR FERVENT PRAYERS, this nation can be turned around ... AMERICA can be healed!

Healing must start with the people of God, as stated in 2 Chronicles 7:14 for them to willingly do as He has said thereby UNLOCKING the PROMISE to HEAL OUR LAND. God said,

  • "If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and I will heal their land."

In an article found at Christianity Today, concerning the question of Christian Leaders on whether or not they should be speaking up and addressing certain things happening in our public arenas in modern times, a writer says, 

   " Scrolling through my twitter feed, I see a nation and church divided."  He added that Christian Leaders do not really know the correct answer about speaking out.

We can point to many factors that are contributing to attitudes of division in America and also in the church but there is only one root cause. ... We have allowed the "opinions" of people to guide and direct us more than the Word of God through His Holy Scripture. In doing so, certain opinionated acceptance has clouded our understanding and thereby rendered us ineffective to obey the wise counsel written to us by God. The answer for finding our way BACK to TRUTH is for Christians to engage in a combination of Prayer, Fasting and Studying God's Word - then we will know because God will SHOW us what we must do.

  • "Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write to you of the common salvation, you needed me to write and urge you to earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered to the saints." Jude 3

It's difficult to 'contend for the faith' when we are silent or aligning ourselves with non-believers. Although actions can speak louder than words and be a great example, WORDS travel FARTHER and FASTER! 

Healing comes from BOTH good words and good actions. "God sent His word and Healed..." WORDS carry POWER, good or bad. Therefore, Not Divided™ urges to "Order your conversation rightly." Say what God says about America! Good actions should follow good words. One can't separate WORDS from ACTION according the the Holy Bible which shows us that both, words and action produce results, good or evil. 

         Jude 1:3 reveals that during the time of Jude, half brother of Jesus, certain Christians were forsaking to speak up to those opposing their once celebrated faith. Instead, they were keeping silent at the possible risk of the Gospel dying out and preventing believers from being added the Church daily. 

"How can they know without a preacher?"  Romans 10:14 If not us... then WHO Lord? Who will be BOLD and speak the Truth with Love? 

"Send me Lord. Here am I." ... This was our prayer when we abandoned the thought of our reputation to follow the Call. Come STAND with us as we STAND as representatives of God endeavoring to fulfill the Prayer of Jesus, John 17:8 - "I have given them the WORDS which You gave me..." , also 17:11, " ... Now, I come to You, Holy Father; preserve those, by the power of Your own name, who come to You, through Me, the very ones you have given me - because they believe on my name, that they may be ONE, as we are One."   

Take NOTE in that the above scripture reveals the mystery of HOW we can be NOT DIVIDED. 

Every Pastor and Christian Leader who understands this instruction from our Lord and Savior is implored to consider attending or send a delegation who wishes to make a Powerful IMPRINT of Christ by joining with us to PRAY for divine GUIDANCE from God and RESTORATION of our land and to call for a HUMBLING in REPENTANCE for all of our offenses toward Him. our VOICES must be heard by God... and by citizens of this land, going also throughout the whole earth! 

  • We MUST be confident and BOLD in our Faith and the God of our Fathers whose dedication and prayers contributed to us this privilege. 

        We knew the importance of obeying the call for Not Divided™ before the first assembling in 2018 but during the Event and immediately afterwards, the eyes of our understanding was opened in a way that nothing else could have achieved. We know that having this experience... we will never be the same again! 

Our nation needs the Christian Citizens to ARISE, be mature and be instruments of HEALING. 

Even though we see it as an appropriate action for pastors and Christian Leaders to lead in the way of healing for America - we also know that the citizens of this great nation, the common person, no matter their status, and every person who loves America, Christian, non-Christian, Jew, Gentile - all people who desire to see our great USA arise healthy again, can lead in unique ways that are their individual gifts and callings to offer.

Without discrimination, everyone is Invited and Encouraged to “stand with us” at the Lincoln Memorial in DC as a statement and expression of agreement toward the purpose of this event – to start building a “well connected human network” of FAITH, PRAYERS, IDEAS, TALENTS, KNOWLEDGE, RESOURCES – and if you can IMAGINE healing for America you have the heart that can make it happen! 


We believe there is a common ground of which the vast majority of Americans are NOT DIVIDED in heart, mind and spirit but that they need to find each other and strengthen the common bond of love which is a trademark of the American spirit that exists between us - to care about each other and to be a Shining Light to the whole earth as a leader in the HEALING of nations., but first... America must HEAL.


Some of our activity, such as Shofar Blowing and Decrees might seem an unusual happening to those who are not familiar with certain traditions and practices of Christians all over the world. As we look at the discord, pain and suffering in our nation also around the globe and evaluate how we came to this - those of us who desire to make a positive difference must say, "Perhaps it is time to do something a little differently than the same status quo".


Speaking for ourselves as musicians and Christian artists, we already think differently than the mainstream but until now have stayed in the background. Recently we have stepped forward by inspiration in Faith believing that it is God who is leading. We are bringing what we do best - MUSIC, with a Christian message and taking one step at at time to allow the Holy Spirit to use us for His purposes and His Glory. We invite YOU to do the same! Come stand with us! Take a part in this... Let's be NOT DIVIDED™.

Knowing that God is LOVING and PEACEFUL - so will we be; we do not call for disruption or disorderly conduct but knowing that our real enemy is only ONE and he is a spirit who influences many to evil actions, we conclude that it is time to do something Lovingly BOLD and Amazingly DIFFERENT to bring HEALING and that it MUST be led by people who love America including those who say they are a friend of God! 

We will officially open with a unique and powerful song: "A CALL TO REVERENCE GOD AGAIN", followed by the sounding of Shofars, a natural horn used in Old Testament times, and still used today by many - this will start the day's event then lead into WORSHIP. Throughout the day. Fervent PRAYER will be led by persons who know how to pray with AUTHORITY for America's Healing as we all join our faith in agreement.

Prayer Songs will fill the air along with other songs bearing a powerful message and performed by the host of this event: To The Call and participating guests.


All day there will be scriptural DECREES - releasing the "Heartbeat" of God over America and DECLARE that we are ONE NATION UNDER GOD and a BEACON to the world!  The day will cap off with AMAZING worship led by the host band and people who know how to bring in the presence of the Lord! These are just some of the day's activity, you will want to view the event schedule for more highlights.

The WIND of the LORD will BLOW and a NEW MOVE of the Holy Spirit will be RELEASED - because ONE heart and ONE mind in Christ releases the PURPOSE and POWER of God.


Job 22:27, 28 - You shall make your prayer to Him, and He shall hear you and you shall pay your vows.  You shall also DECREE a thing, and it shall be established unto you and the light shall shine upon your ways.


Everyone is Welcomed and Encouraged to Attend! 

COME STAND WITH US. We are planning a day FOCUSED in PRAYER for this Great nation as Not Divided™ leads in a RELAXED atmosphere full of FAITH, MUSIC and thought-provocative words to Challenge and Encourage listeners. 

Throughout the day there will be powerful PRAYER, DECREES, WORSHIP and MORE

This is YOUR moment to show with us that you care about your country and believe that PRAYER can make a positive difference in America.

Bring food, non-alcoholic drinks if you wish, and chairs - Come PREPARED also to feast on the Presence of God ALL Day! Then at approximately 6:30 that evening we'll cap off the day ending at around 8:30 p.m. with more WORSHIP and a final PRAYER of Thanksgiving and Decrees.

Imagine a People Not Divided™ ... Imagine a United America

There Was a Shifting of Power and Authority


Something wonderful has happened... It started with the prayers of Christians from every status of life who put aside trivial concerns to unite their faith and pray for America - God heard them! Even little children prayed. We all asked God to send mercy and to revive this land - He responded and has granted America another chance.

There was a humbling. There was repentance. Some offered up promises to God… was that you?


The prayers of people went up  corporately and alone – God stood up. He turned and shined His face upon us again and brought a shifting of power and authority to a failing nation and set it back on course of survival and influence. With this comes great responsibility!

Will we also arise and follow the leading of our Lord and Savior? He goes before us to light the path.

'Not Divided™' was founded to answer His call. We urge you to join with us. 

Look over our website. We are sure you will begin to visualize the pieces of the puzzle to see how you fit. In the Body of Christ every person is needed to fulfill the complete plan of God. One person alone can influence great things but IMAGINE how all together God can position and strengthen us to bring healing to our nation!

Let's do this! 

Questions? Contact Us. Want more information? Text or Call if you do not find the answers you seek here. (202) 770-0009


Three Powerful Views And Reasons For Being "Not Divided™":

Blow the Trumpet, Sound the Alarm

When I blew the Shofar on the steps of the Supreme Court, there were troubling happenings in our nation unprecedented in my lifetime. That day, two DC Policemen encouraged me to blow my Shofar. However, two other DC Policemen were not favorable. One said, "You are protesting". He strongly suggested that I 'move on'. A Shofar sound is powerful, moving the spiritual realm and stirring our spirit! The voice of God can sound as a trumpet. (Revelation 4:1) Wind of the Lord, Blow through us - Revive!